The 3 month action driven academy for women committed to creating their dream future selves.

With your coach, Georgia Holliday.

This isn't a surface level quick fix to frantically try to 'love yourself' more. Which is why you're ready to take this leap because you're:

  • tired of buying into quick fixes that don't work, only to regret it and hate yourself even more.

  • burnt out from putting everyone else before yourself in an attempt to feel worthy.

  • fed up of sabotaging your happiness because you don't feel good enough.

What you really need is a mindset shift, deep dive support and actionable tools to transform the path of your life.

That's where the Future You Academy comes in! 

The students inside the academy are ready to;

❤️Understand where they are right now in comparison to where they want to be (Self-awareness is key!)

❤️Learn what specifically they need to do to reach that dream version of themselves.

❤️ Implement the tools they learn to help them level up in all areas of life!

Are you ready to join them?

Inside the Future You Academy:

🌷3 months container - I'm with you every step of the way!

🌷Weekly LIVE group coaching calls.

🌷New topics each week to support your personal growth - ranging from uncovering your limiting beliefs to learning tools for building confidence to overcoming self-sabotage and people pleasing.

🌷High level personalised coaching - during the live coaching calls you can ask me questions relating to your personal situation and journey to receive more individual guidance.

🌷Lifetime access! - all of the live calls are recorded and will be uploaded into your online portal so you can access the replays AND any slides I use each week, and revisit them whenever you want!

🌷Cheerleader level support - I cannot wait to cheer you on and see you level the heck up!

If you're looking for unavoidable accountability, a deep level of understanding, empathy and fun, PLUS a supportive community feel, then The Future You Academy is for you!

The Schedule:

1st-7th Feb - Week 1: Valuing Your Values

8th-14th Feb - Week 2: Learning you limiting beliefs

15th-21st Feb - Week 3: Building your self-awareness

22nd-28th Feb - Week 4: Practicing self-compassion & self-care

1st-7th March - Week 5: Tools for building confidence 

8th-14th March - Week 6: Identifying & overcoming people pleasing

15th-21st March - Week 7: Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!

22nd-28th March - Week 8: How to stop self-sabotaging 


5th-11th April - Week 9: Meditation and mindfulness 

12th-18th April - Week 10: Understanding projection and mirrors

19th-25th April: Week 11: Positive and negative energy 101

26th April-2nd May - Week 12: Reflection and journaling


How long do I have access?

All of the content and everything you learn, including the group coaching calls will all be saved and stored inside your members area which you have access to for LIFE! So really, the support never ends 😉

Is this right for me? 

If you're ready to let go of the old stories holding you back, if you're ready to up level your confidence and self-worth, if you're ready to say goodbye to  putting yourself last and people pleasing, then this is right for you!

I'm nervous to invest in myself...

I hear you. I used to feel the same but let me tell you a secret... The moment I started investing in myself, I sent a very clear message to my brain that I AM WORTHY and I believe in myself! It shifted some magic in me and rocketed my confidence and personal growth journey. You don't need to do this alone.

When are the group coaching calls?

You will have 1 group coaching call every week for 12 weeks (day and time tbc), and if you can't make it live, not to panic! You can catch up on the replay inside your members area. So you'll never miss a moment of wisdom.

How do I get started?

You're a badass! All you need to do is click 'join the academy' below and select your payment plan. We start 1st February 2021!

Still have questions or want to know a bit more before securing your space? Send me an email ( or slide into my DM's on Insta and let me answer your questions!


Get ready for the next level in your life...


I'll see you inside the Academy!