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Personal Training Client

Gemma White, busy working Mum

"I'm a busy mum of two boys who also balances a full time job. I struggle to justify the time to get to the gym and have to admit that I previously preferred to spend any spare time I had in the evenings led on the sofa accompanied by a box of chocolate fingers!!!! That was until I met Georgia. Don't be fooled by her sweet appearance...she's a seriously tough cookie but completely understands the insecurities us women have. As Georgia trains me at home, I really have no excuse not to exercise and love training with her (as much as I could ever love exercising!). In 6 weeks I can see a real transformation and I can't wait to see what I can achieve by the summer with her help and encouragement. Thank you Georgia, you're fab!"


Personal Training Client

Savannagh Armstrong, 4 week Summer Jumpstart

I literally can't say enough how much Georgia has helped me change my ways and in 4 weeks the difference in my body, fitness and eating is incredible. She is amazing and the jumpstart with her was exactly what I needed to kick me up the bum! She's friendly, makes you feel comfortable in yourself and pushes you to the limit and by the end of the hour you always know your going to feel it in the morning but it's a good feeling! Ive now got myself a gym membership and carrying on PT! Thankyou so much for everything! Xxxx

Personal Training Client

Meg Lane

I love having PT sessions with Georgia. I was never one to enjoy the gym (it always felt like a chore) so I never went! I'm active in other ways that's all cardio that has led me to have twiggy arms and no upper body strength. On my initial chat with Georgia I said I don't want to do cardio at the gym because I don't need to to which she replied "I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do!" Perfect. After about 2 months I have hugely increased my upper body strength. Actions speak louder than words! I started not being able to do a single press up and now can do 10 at a time! (And get excited doing them!). Having PT sessions with Georgia doesn't feel like a chore, it's more like hanging out with a friend, chatting nails, weddings etc and before I know the hour is gone and I'm eager to get back! I highly recommend Georgia to any girl wanting a friendly PT! 

Yummy Mummy Bootcamper

Caroline Ashworth, C.E.O of Jitterbugs Theatre School

"I attend bootcamp every Monday with Georgia and although I am a fitness instructor myself I enjoy the class. I am fussy who I go to as I like them to be knowledgable in their field. Georgia knows her stuff, gives a great workout and is supportive to those that need it. Five star classes! Thank you Georgia!"

Personal Training Client

Kelly Emmeline, Busy Working Mum

I did 5 PT sessions with Georgia and loved it! She is a fab PT and always full of motivation and always smiling! I have always hated the thought of going to the gym, but I actually enjoyed going in the end and it was great to get to use equipment I don't have at home! Georgia did offer to do sessions with me at home, but in the end I found it made a nice change going to the gym. Would definitely recommend GLJ Fitness! Great snapchats too! X

Class Member & PT Client

Katie Hobbs, Riverside Fitness Member

Great workouts! You can do them anytime any place! Her classes are energetic and she gives great advice and tips on exercises.

Class Member

Tracy Smith, Riverside Fitness Member

"Recently joined Riverside where Georgia teaches. She has a very friendly approach but works you harder than you would yourself! Looking forward to adding more classes in my week."


Becky Sprangle, Busy working Mum

"Georgia is an awesome coach. She really knows her stuff and leads a class confidently and is super encouraging! Georgia makes working out fun and classes are varied offering a brilliant workout. Probably the best instructor I've come across!