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How to self-soothe during hard times

What is self-soothing?

Self soothing refers to any behaviour we use to regulate our emotional state. When we hear the words self-soothe we often think of babies. And that is because these behaviours are often developed when we are young. They are habits we develop to make ourselves feel better. Some self-soothing behaviours are healthy and some are not. We'll talk about that later.

How is it helpful?

Self soothing gives us comfort. Whenever we are going through pain (be that physical, mental or emotional) we want to feel better. So self-soothing provides that and can also relieve anxiety. Self-soothing establishes independence - because we learn to support and calm ourselves, and that in turn can help us build self trust and confidence.

How do people self-soothe?

Common self soothing techniques can involve things that we might associate with being anxious;

- Thumb sucking

- Nail biting

- Shaking your leg

- Pacing.

Unhealthy self-soothing behaviours can look like;

- Alcohol abuse

- Caffeine over consumption

- Poor eating habits

- Overworking

- Overspending/compulsive spending

- Smoking

- Gambling

Healthy self soothing techniques:

- Meditating

- Deep breathing

- Walking in nature

- Watching your favourite movie

- Having a warm bath

- Listening to your favourite song

- Drinking a hot cup of tea

- Dancing

- Reading

- Lighting candles or incense

- Singing

- Stretching

I hope these techniques can support you the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or experiencing pain or negativity. Keep a list of the things that work for you and refer back to them when you're struggling. Once you use them over and over they will begin to replace the unhealthy self-soothing habits.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share this with someone that would benefit from learning these techniques!

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Love Georgia xx

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