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What are boundaries?

Boundaries. A word you've probably heard a lot if you submerge yourself in the personal development and growth space. Or if you've every had coaching or therapy, I'm almost certain you'll have come across this word.

So what actually are they?

I like to explain boundaries as these invisible laws for our life that we put in place to protect and respect our energy. They also create space for more loving and healthy relationships, with ourselves and others. Your boundary (or personal law) will state what kind of energy you will and will not allow in your life. It states what behaviour you will and will not tolerate from others based on how you want (and deserve) to be treated.

Why are boundaries important?

Setting boundaries is an act of self-love and self-preservation. They are important for maintaining healthy relationships with people (and yourself). They are really important when it comes to having confidence and self-worth. Boundaries are especially important for those that identify as people pleasers or recovering people pleasers because they will help you step into your confidence (even though it will likely feel icky setting them if you're used to being a door mat).

I hope this short blog gives you more of an understanding of what these magical boundary things actually are! Keep an eye out for future blogs about how to know when to set boundaries, what setting boundaries actually sounds like and things to remember when setting boundaries.

You can learn more about boundaries in episode 28 of my podcast: The Self-Full Podcast.

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