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Reframing productivity.

Have you ever felt like you aren't doing enough? That your day hasn't been productive enough? Or you aren't busy enough? Ever feel like a failure if you don't tick off all 17 things things on your Monday to-do list?

I've definitely had those thoughts before and I know so many of my clients feel the same.

We put so much pressure on ourselves and then add to that this capitalist, hustle culture we live in (and of course the layer of sexism which means as women we feel we have to 'prove ourselves' to be as good as men), it can just all becoming completely consuming and overwhelming.

The problem comes when we tie our worth to our productivity. We feel that if we do not get lots of things done, tick off everything on our to-do list or achieve great things, then we are not worthy. We feel like we have failed. We feel undeserving. We compare ourselves to others that just seem to have their entire bloody life together whilst we're sat here wearing odd socks and stressing over whether to empty the dishwasher before or after our first work meeting of the day. And if we don't get it ALL done before 5pm then we are worthless.

Of course this is just not true.

You are inherently worthy simply by being born. There is a 1 in 400 trillion chance of you being born as you, which is pretty bloody magical. So just by being here, you are worthy and more than good enough, even if you do nothing else.

But when we get stuck in this belief that we have to do more, be more, have more, then of course we are going to have these thoughts of worthlessness and a resistance to rest (because ew that is SO UnPrOdUcTiVe).

So I encourage you to stop seeing productivity as how much 'stuff' you get done and instead reframe productivity as what matters to you.

Were you tired today, so took a nap? Great, you were productive.

Did you feel overwhelmed by social media so had a screen free day? Amazing, sounds productive to me!

Were you feeling stressed out and anxious, so went for a walk? Wow, look at you go you productivity queen.

Productivity is not about the stuff that just takes up time making you busy. It's about choosing to spend your time wisely on things that are important to you and that will serve you.

Things like rest, tea breaks, lie ins, walks, meditation, reading, daydreaming and slowing down are all productive because you are looking after yourself.

We of course have to find the balance between being 'productive' and procrastination but in my experience I've found when I try to be productive and I'm really just not in the right frame of mind, I spend literally the whole day doing a whole lot of nothing (procrastinating). So instead of forcing myself to be busy with nothingness, I am intentional with my time and choose to do things that feel productive and support me (things like rest and self-care).

I hope this resonates with you and maybe has given you some food for thought when it comes to shaming yourself around 'not being productive enough'.

Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any feedback then connect with me on Instagram or via email - I always love hearing from you!

Love Georgia x

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