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5 Tips to keep a promise to yourself.

I've spoken before about how important keeping promises to yourself are when it comes to self-trust and confidence. You can read more about how self-doubt affects your confidence here.

"Every time you break a promise to yourself you lose a little more trust in yourself which leads to more self-doubt and less confidence".

So we know that to build our self-trust and confidence, one of the things we need to do is keep promises to ourselves. But how do we actually do that?

1. Write it down.

This is honestly one of the best ways I know to keep yourself accountable for anything. If you have it written down, then you are far more likely to actually do the thing and stick to it. I like to write my promises down in my diary as part of my daily routine. For example, I schedule in my morning routine (exactly like I would a dr's appointment) so I know I have created time to do the thing. It's then a lot easier to keep the promise when it's written down and scheduled in.

2. Make life easy for yourself.

For example, if your promise to yourself is you want to drink 2L of water a day, then buy yourself a big 2L water bottle so you can keep track of how much you're drinking and make it as easy and accessible as possible. If your promise is to go to the gym in the morning, then get your workout clothes out and ready so it's one less thing to think about and one less barrier in the morning.

3. Habit stacking.

This is a genius strategy to introduce new things (or in this case promises) into your already existing routine. For example, if you already make a cup of coffee every morning, and your promise is to stretch everyday, habit stacking would mean adding the stretching on the end of your existing habit (being making your coffee). So you're simply adding something new onto of an existing thing you're already doing.

4. Get specific.

We often procrastinate or put things off (including our own promises) when they lack clarity. So to improve your chances of keeping this promise to yourself, get clear on what it actually is. For example, if your promise is you want to go for a walk everyday, great. When are you going to walk? Where will you walk? How long do you want to walk? Once you get clear on all of these, it provides more clarity around what you need to do in order to keep that promise, therefore you're more likely to do it.

5. Make it visible.

When we can see things, it leads to action. That can be both positive and negative. For example, if I can see my phone when I am working, I am much more tempted (and more likely) to go on it and start mindlessly scrolling Instagram. Whereas if it is out of sight, I'm way less likely to pick it up. Literally out of sight out of mind! The same goes for your promise. For example, you could write your promise on a post-it note and pin it on your fridge. Or write your promise on your bathroom mirror. Set an alert on your phone to remind you or have it set as your phone background. You could even have a token, bracelet or some other form of reminder for your promise. So that every time you see it, it reminds you to do that thing and therefore keep your promise to yourself.

I really hope these 5 tips encourage you to keep your promises to yourself because it is possible (even if you feel like you're that one person in the entire world that can just never do what you say you're going to do). You can make it happen. You can stick to empowering habits. And you absolutely can keep promises to yourself, if you choose.

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