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3 ways to be kinder to yourself.

It's a tough time right now, and even when we come out of this pandemic, there will still be times in life that we face hard times and struggle to give ourselves some grace.

I know being kind to yourself is something you struggle with. I know that because a). you're reading this blog and b). I struggle with it too.

When our inner mean girl gets too loud and all we hear are those noisy thoughts of 'I'm not good enough', 'I'm lazy', 'I'm not as successful as her', 'I'm not doing enough', etc. it can be easy to spiral into self-deprecation and despair.

So I wanted to share 3 ways to be kinder to yourself when you hear that inner mean girl pipe up because you don't have to absorb those thoughts as reality. Instead you can choose kindness and compassion towards yourself.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

The easiest way to make yourself feel worse is by comparing yourself to someone else. Whether it be friends and family or strangers on the internet. Comparison almost always makes us feel horrible about ourselves. And that isn't helpful when we're aiming for kindness!

As humans we all react, respond and manage things differently based on our beliefs, past experiences, trauma and worldview. This means comparing how you are reacting, responding and dealing with things right now with how someone else is reacting, responding and dealing with things, is a completely unfair comparison.

2. Speak to yourself like you would a friend or a child.

A lot of the nasty things you say to yourself (that inner mean girl), you wouldn't dream of saying to someone you loved and cared about. You wouldn't want to intentionally hurt them, right? So why do you say those hurtful things to yourself? Why do you tell yourself that you are useless and not good enough and that you should be doing this or that otherwise you're failing? You would never say that to a friend! So next time those thoughts pop up, I encourage you to stop and ask yourself: 'would I say this to my best friend?'.

Another way you can be kind to yourself if by treating yourself like you would a child. Sometimes we really struggle with the concept of being kind to ourselves because on some level we feel we don't deserve it. So if that's you then I challenge you to treat yourself like you would a young child. How would you comfort her? How would you soothe her? How would you protect and support her? And then turn that exact energy back towards yourself.

3. Make time for yourself.

Finally, carve time out for yourself! It is very hard to practice kindness if you do not have the energy or emotional capacity to hold that compassion for yourself. The way you get that energy and power back is by looking after yourself. Doing things that recharge you batteries and fill you up. Making time to practice things you enjoy and light you up. Self-care is how you get your power back and will in turn allow you the energy and emotional capacity to be kinder to yourself and hold space for what you're feeling.

I hope these 3 tips help you to treat yourself with little more compassion because you d deserve tone treated with the kindness that you extend to others in your life.

I hope you found this short and sweet blog post insightful. If you did let me know below or connect with me on Instagram.

Thank you for reading!

Love Georgia xx

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