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3 Tips to boost your confidence in 2021

As we enter the new year, there is lots of talk about losing weight and detoxing and all the other BS that is simply another way of diet culture taking your money.

I hope this year that you choose to focus on what really matters to you and realise that confidence, happiness and self-worth cannot be found by loosing a few pounds and restricting yourself into misery.

If your confidence is something you genuinely want to work on regaining this year then here are 3 tips to start you off.

1. Write down what you are good at!

Lists are amazing for reminding ourselves all the awesome things we are good at because it's so easy, as humans to focus on all the things we're not so great at. So I want you to grab your journal or a piece of paper and write down as many things as you can think of. Are you a great cook? Are you super organised? Can you paint your nails perfectly without getting any on your fingers? (I'm impressed if you can, because that is not a skill I possess!) Perhaps you are the best listener and give amazing hugs. Or can keep all your house plants alive (another skill I am yet to develop!)

I literally want you to write down every single thing you can think of that you are good at. I don't care how small or silly you think it is, write it down! As you see those things build up on the page (and I want you to continue to add to this list overtime) it is evidence that you are good at so many things! And what I need you to remember is that you probably weren't born with those skills. We are born being amazing bakers or writers. We aren't naturally good at art or public speaking. It is something we choose to become good at. It's something we purposely put time and energy into to build confidence in that area. So by reminding yourself that you are great at all these things that you we were once a beginner in, is a great tool for building confidence.

2. Say no more.

When we are constantly saying yes to everything and everyone (especially things we don't want to do) we lose trust in ourselves. This is because we get ourselves into situations that exhaust us, we end up over extending our energy and usually feeling resentful at others. But the thing is, it's not their fault. You're the one that said yes. So by doing this we lose trust in our ability to protect our energy and therefore lose confidence.

So I want you to say NO more. By saying no to things and people that drain your energy arm things you simply don't want to do, you are saying YES to yourself! And that is magic when it comes to building confidence because you are choosing yourself.

3. Get to know yourself.

Understanding and getting clear on your values is something I am super passionate about because for me it really allowed me to come home to myself and rebuild my confidence from the ground up. By getting to know myself, properly, and relearning what was truly important to me (rather than what I thought should be important to me) I was able to zoom out and see the bigger picture of what mattered in my life. And once I got to know myself more I felt such a deep sense of confidence in myself and what I stood for.

So I want you to get clear on what matters to you. What is truly important in your life? What are your core values? If learning about your values is something you really want to delve into and want high level support with then my upcoming programme The Future You Academy is for you. Click here to find out more.

I hope you found this blog post insightful and I'm excited for you to begin boosting your confidence in 2021! If you enjoyed this post, please let me know below or connect with me on Instagram.

Thank you for reading!

Love Georgia xx

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