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3 signs you need to set a boundary.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a blog post about what boundaries are (you can read it here) and today I wanted to share 3 signs to look out for to know when to actually set a boundary. Because it's one thing understanding what boundaries are but it's another thing actually recognising when you should set them in your own life.

Here goes!

  1. Someone is annoying you or you are starting to feel resentful towards them.

  2. You feel low or drained after spending time with someone.

  3. You feel as though they don't respect your time.

These are 3 sure ways to recognise when it's time to set a boundary with someone. Whether it's with a work colleague, friend or family member, if you're feeling any of these 3 things, then I encourage you to start exploring what boundaries need to be put into place, and with who.

What that boundary is, is of course up to you. Perhaps, if you are feeling resentful towards someone it is because it's an unbalanced relationship (i.e. you are putting more into the relationship that you are receiving). So maybe the boundary needs to be that you will not always be the one to message/call/arrange to hang out first, or you set a personal boundary to pour more time and energy into your own cup.

If you feel drained after spending time with someone, perhaps you need to set a boundary with them that they need to ask before emotionally unloading on you.

If you feel as though someone just is not respecting your time, maybe they are always late or they have a habit of canceling last minute, perhaps you could implement a boundary where if this person does it 3 times in a row, you take a step back for a while.

There are so many others signs we need to set boundaries with other people (and ourselves), but these 3 are a great place to start.

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I hope you found this short and sweet blog post insightful. If you did let me know below or connect with me on Instagram.

Thank you for reading!

Love Georgia xx

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