Georgia Holliday Coaching

Declutter Your Life

Step 1: Declutter your home. Go room by room and tidy everything away, getting rid of the things you haven't seen for a year or didn't even realise you had. Fill bags for charity shops or sell them on ebay. Marie Kondo the shit out of your home. Genuinely recommend watching that series on Netflix because she sure knows how to tidy and it'll change your damn life.

Step 2: Once you've cleaned and tidied everything away lets cleanse the energy of your home. This could be smudging your house with sage or if that's too witchy for you you can just light some candles or incense and then open the windows. Create the vibe you want to have in each room. For example maybe you could use a relaxing lavender incense in your bedroom so its nice and chill. Maybe you light a pumpkin spice candle in the lounge so it's all festive and cosy. Create the energy you want in each room using your favourite smells and do it with intention. So as you're smudging your sage or lighting your candles or incense think about what you want to feel every time you're in that room. If you're in the bedroom maybe you want to feel calm and restful. If you're in your study or office maybe you want to feel productive and creative. If you're in the bathroom maybe you want to feel refreshed and energised. Set the intention for the energy of that room.

Step 3: Declutter your technology. Ok let's be real for a second here, we all know how much crap we have on our phone that we've been meaning to delete for about a thousand years but have just never gotten round to it right? You know what I mean, the 356 selfie outtakes that didn't make the cut for Instagram, the bible of random things you have in your notes section that you don't even know what they mean anymore, the random dates in your calendar that have synced with facebook, the 3062 unread emails (and don't even get me started on your junk mail and random subscriptions). We're going to declutter it all!

Let's start with your photos (I know the thought is daunting but it's got to be done!) Grab yourself a cuppa and get comfy on the sofa, and open your camera roll. Now scroll through and delete any random shit that you don't need there. Screenshots of messages, accidental pics, gifs the WhatsApp automatically saves. Delete all the random ones you no longer want and then if you're really fancy you can separate them into folders. While you're at it why not update your phone home screen and lock screen for something cute or inspiring?

Okay now we've done photos lets move onto the notes section! Go through each note 1 by one and decide if you actually need to keep it. If you do maybe you can categorise it with another note so (for example could you keep all your reminders in one note rather than 20 different ones?).

After you've cleared your notes lets move onto emails! Yay! Now this is quite a big one so you may want to break it down into chunks. Inbox, junk mail, and subscriptions. Let's start with inbox. How many new emails do you have? If you can, work your way through them and either reply or delete accordingly. If you're inbox is empty, power to you girl! You can move onto junk mail. Check your junk folder and see what crap is in there. Usually you can just mass delete the whole thing but there might be some important emails that were accidentally filtered into there so be sure to check. That leads us nicely to subscriptions. In your junk mail you might find emails from companies that you signed up to like a bazillion years ago that you're no longer interested in. Unsubscribe from their mailing lists as you come across them so they don't keep littering your inbox.

Step 4: Declutter your social media! Ooooo this is a fun one! First let's tackle instagram. Open your instagram and head to your 'following' section. Scroll through and unfollow any account that you're either no longer interested in, or it makes you feel bad about yourself. If an account is making you question your worth then unfollow sister! That is NOT what social media is for. You get to choose what you see on your feed. You get to choose which accounts you give your attention and energy to. So make sure you're following only people and accounts that lift you up, teach you something or inspire you in some way. Unfollow everyone else! Ok, let's move onto facebook. Again go through your friends list and pages you 'like' and get rid of anyone or any pages that no longer interest you, trigger you, annoy you or make you feel bad about yourself. I know this sounds ruthless but your mental health is your priority here. If you don't want to see it then get rid of it. You have the power here and you are under no obligation to follow or be friends with anyone online.

I know it can sometimes feel awkward unfollowing or unfriending people on social media (especially if they are actually your friend in really life) so if it feels too much to delete them completely you can just mute them instead. That way you just won't see their posts in your feed :)

Step 5: Declutter your mind. I know sometimes it can feel like we have about 147 tabs open in our brain and we feel completely overwhelmed and stressed. This simple trick will help you empty your mind and get more organised. It's called a brain dump. You can do this first thing or before you go to bed, whenever your mind feels most cluttered. All you do is grab your journal or a piece of blank paper and write down every little thing that pops into your mind. It could be things you need to do maybe it's replying to a text or an email or calling someone back. Maybe its renewing your car insurance or checking when your MOT runs out. Perhaps it's remembering to return a parcel to the post office or picking up something at the shops. It doesn't matter how silly or small it seems, write it all down. get it out of your brain and onto the paper. So you're literally dumping your thoughts onto the page. It's surprisingly cathartic and really good for anxiety if you're worried about forgetting something.

So I hope these 5 steps help you to feel better and more in control of your life. I recommend doing this at least monthly because it can all build up so quickly!

Love Georgia xx