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5 Ways Support Your Mental Health In Winter!

Hey girl,

So if you are anything like me, as the seasons start to change and we say goodbye to summer *cries* you might start to feel your mood slide and feel a little less chirpy and a little more mopey. I feel you boo! It is quite common for our moods to drop when we go into autumn and winter (especially in the UK where we get virtually zero sunshine) and it almost feels like we just want to hibernate until spring comes. As the days are getting shorter (well not literally, more like darker) those dreary afternoons start rolling in where it's pouring with rain and you're dreaming of your next summer holiday. Sound familiar? Well, in this blog post I wanted to share with you 5 ways to try and keep your vibes high as we enter autumn and winter!

1. Move ya body!

I know this is often the last thing you feel like doing when it's dark and miserable outside but I promise you it will make the world of difference. Just because it's a bit darker outside (ok, a lot darker) doesn't mean you should just sit around and do nothing for 5 months. Moving your body will release endorphins (the happy hormone) which naturally lifts your spirits and makes you feel more positive! You don't need to trek down to the gym in the pitch black and pouring rain, just move your body however feels good to you. Maybe it is an at home pilates workout or a dance class with your friend. Anything to get your body and energy moving will raise your vibes!

2. Create things to look forward to!

I feel like after summer ends it kind of goes, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and then crappy January which tends to be the worst month weather wise (mainly because Christmas has finished and it feels like there's nothing to look forward to). So my advice is to create little things in your diary that you can look forward to. Plan cosy nights in with hot chocolate and Christmas movies or wintery walks on the hills or festive baking and wreath making. It doesn't really matter how big or small it is but make sure you have a few fun things to look forward to.

3. Don't be a hermit!

As tempting as it is to hibernate for winter and isolate yourself when both you and the weather are gloomy, you will feel so much better if you socialise and see your friends. If you're feeling up to it then say yes to invites that sound like fun and get you out of the house. One of the big factors that contributes to us feeling down and depressed is lack of connection. Loneliness is actually a big problem when it comes to our mental health, so it seems only logical to reach out and stay connected with the people you love and care about as the seasons change so you can be there for one another and lift each other up.

4. Eat the rainbow!

I totally understand that as it gets colder we all crave heartier, carb-ier and stodgier food, and I am 100% the same. Absolutely nothing wrong with eating all the delicious, cosy comfort food but did you know that 95% of serotonin (a hormone that influences our mood) is manufactured in the gut. That means what we eat affects our mood massively. So enjoy all the good stuff but also don't forget to eat a vegetable and get all the nutrients you need to keep your gut and yourself happy.

5. Get your vitamin D.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone which the body produces when exposed to sunshine. When we have low levels of vitamin D we can experience low moods, anxiety and depression, so it's important to keep your fit D levels up throughout winter. If you live in the UK like me and winter tends to be a dark and dreary time with non-existent sunshine then you should definitely consider investing in a decent vitamin D supplement. In fact it's actually advised that Brits take a vitamin D supplement all year round as we really don't get enough sunshine at all.

I hope these 5 tips help you to stay a little more high vibe these next few months. For more high vibes and positivity come hang out on my Instagram!

Thank you for reading!

Love Georgia xx