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Why Choose Online Coaching?

You may or may not be aware of the rise in online coaching. But what is it? Why is it beneficial to you? Why should you consider it over in person training? I'm revealing all the answers below to give you a better understanding of why online coaching is so awesome!

I totally understand that a lot of people are uncertain and maybe a little nervous when they hear the words online coaching because it is a fairly new concept so lets answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What on earth is online coaching and how does it work?

Online coaching covers a wide range of industries. Anything you want guidance or support with there is a coach for it. For example, I am a female empowerment life and online fitness coach helping women reclaim their power, live authentically and be the healthiest version of themselves possible. It means along with my in person clients, I work with women online to help them live their best lives and achieve their goals. As it says on the tin we work together via the magic of the internet. That means I can work with women that are anywhere in the world which opens up a brand new level of opportunity for you to work with your fave coaches. Online coaching tends to take place via Zoom calls (very similar to Skype) so you still get visual contact with your coach so you can connect and experience their energy. In addition to video calls you will tend to stay in touch with your coach via email, message and voice notes so you are constantly supported.

What exactly does an online coach do?

So obviously it depends on what industry your chosen coach is in but I will explain what it is I do with my clients to give you a better idea. So first of all I think it's important to point out that a coach is different to a counsellor or therapist. The main difference is, life coaches focus on creating a new, more empowering path in order to move forward and achieve goals whereas a counsellor/therapist looks into emotional resolutions and past trauma. Think of it this way, what personal training does for your body, life coaching does for your mind. I work with my clients to to help them understand what is holding them back (what are their limiting beliefs?). I then help them overcome these stories that are holding them back (reclaiming their power!). We then dive deep into what it is they really want in their life (what are their values?) and make a plan of action of how they can start living in alignment with what they want. It is a process but all the women I have worked with become significantly more authentic, confident and unapologetic versions of themselves and it is a joy to witness. Each case is different depending on what the client wants to work on but it always involves going from where you are now to where you want to be.

What are the benefits to online coaching?

Enhances the clarity of your thought - a coach will help you pinpoint underlying reasons for unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Great when you're already in a good place - this is because you are in a mindset where you are receptive to growth and ready to level up and enhance your life.

Maximise potential and live life to its full extent - a coach will help you feel more aligned with your values and your life purpose in order to lead a fulfilled and authentic life.

Identify what you really want - a coach will help you make value based goals and reach for what it is you truly want.

Set boundaries and raise standards - a coach will help you set clear boundaries which is absolutely crucial in order to live the life you dream of on your terms.

Introduce and maintain accountability - a coach provides that accountability so you are more likely to keep you promises to yourself and level up.

Improve work life balance, joy and happiness - a coach will help you see your life from a different perspective and organise your time to be more aligned with your values.

Address and overcome mental blocks, fears and insecurities - a coach will help you uncover, work through and overcome the stories/limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Why should you consider online coaching over in person training?

1 - Online coaching allows you to work with any coach around the world. That means you can work with that coach who's energy you love and really vibe with even if they're not in your area. Yay!

2 - Online coaching tends to be more affordable than in person coaching so you can work with a coach for longer and benefit more from them.

3 - Online coaching is more accessible to you. You can t'do the work' when you want and the calls will be worked around your existing schedule and current commitments.

4 - Online coaching encourages self-exploration and self-discovery which is absolutely necessary in life if you want to grow and continue your personal development journey.

I really hope this has been insightful for you. If you have any other questions about Online coaching, how it works or how you can work with me, then simply send me an email and I can answer all your questions. Or read more about my online coaching and group coaching programmes here.

Thanks for reading!

Love Georgia xx