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Beginners Guide To Crystals

I have recently started to allow myself to explore the more spiritual side of myself - something I avoided for so long due to fear of rejection and judgement from others. But since tapping into my inner confidence, I have given myself permission to let all these sides of myself shine through (even though it makes some people uncomfortable!)

Since sharing this side of myself I have had so many women reach out asking how they can begin to explore the woo woo side of themselves and have ad a lot of questions specifically about crystals.

So I wanted to create an easy to digest 'Beginners Guide To Crystals' blog to answer some of the frequently asked questions!

What are crystals used for?

Crystals have been used for centuries in the spiritual world for many different reasons. Each crystal will have a different purpose but I would say the overall use of them is for their energetic power.

Which crystal should I get?

As anything in life, crystals are very personal depending on what you feel you want the crystal to help you with. For example, if you wanted

I think a great beginners crystal bundle will include:

- Clear Quartz (amplifies any vibrational frequencies and very versatile)

- Selenite (self-cleansing and grounding)

- Citrine (for abundance and manifestation)

- Rose Quartz (for compassion and love)

- Amethyst (to protect against negative energy)

How do I choose which crystal to buy?

If buying in a crystal shop here is my advice:

- Give yourself time: you don't want to be rushing off to work or a meeting.

- Follow your intuition: your energy will naturally be drawn to certain crystals depending on what you need at that moment in your life. One way to do this is to stand in front of a group of crystals, close your eyes take a deep breath to relax, and when you open your eyes you will be naturally drawn to one.

- You do not need to know exactly what properties the crystal has before you buy it (although if you have a specific use in mind then this can help).

- Once you feel drawn to a certain crystal, hold it in your hands and just feel what the energy is like and if it feels good for you.

- Go with your gut!

If buying online:

- Obviously, when buying online it is not possible to touch the crystal to feel the energy so you will need to listen to your intuition a little more.

- You can browse through the pictures of various crystals and just see which you feel more drawn to: you may feel particularly excited by a certain one for example.

- Usually this is a good indicator that this crystal is meant for you.

When not to buy a crystal:

- If you go to a shop or online shop and don't feel particularly pulled towards a certain crystal then I would advise not purchasing one that day.

- With crystals the most important thing is the intention and the connection: if there is no intention or connection then you must acknowledge that this is not the right time to buy a crystal.

- If you buy a crystal just for the sake of it then you risk just starting a rock collection (nothing wrong with this! But remember intent is crucial)

Programming Crystals:

When I talk about programming a crystal, all I mean is giving an intention to that particular stone. To do this you can hold the crystal in your hands and think of the intention you want to give this crystal. For example, you may hold a rose quartz with the intention of filling it with your love, therefore programming this crystal for love. The crystal will then emit love and warmth to its environment and when used (in a meditation or ritual for example).

Charging/Cleansing Crystals:

Certain crystals, lets take amethyst for example, have properties such as cleansing you or a room of negative energy (anger for example). This means the crystal now holds this negative energy, therefore the crystal needs to be cleansed. There are a few ways to cleanse your crystals:

- Submerge in salt water for a day or so, then run them under the tap to run se off the salt.

- Bury in the ground to recharge their grounding powers.

- Leaving them in water overnight in view of the moonlight (this is especially powerful if it is a full moon!)

- Smudge them using the smoke from a burning sage stick.

Another way to recharge your crystals is by cleansing them using other crystals. Selenite is one of the only self-cleansing crystals that can also recharge and clean other crystals as it is not affected by negative energy, so in my opinion is a must have crystal.

How To Use Crystals:








My favourites and some of their healing properties:

Rose Quartz

Appearance: light pink in colour

Properties: the stone of love, opens heart chakra, promotes self-love, compassion, nurtures through trauma, crisis or heartache, soothing & calming energy, aids in healing negative emotions, promotes love and intimacy, supports harmonious relationships, promotes inner peace, promotes forgiveness, aids healing of emotional wounds.

Clear Quartz

Appearance: clear in colour

Properties: strong vibration, amplifies healing vibrations of other crystals, easy to programme, resonates strongly with crown chakra, aids connection with spirit and enhances higher spiritual receptiveness, can protect aura, great for meditation, aids growth of psychic abilities, clears mind of negativity,


Appearance: purple in colour (variety of quartz)

Properties: spiritual love, very effective healing crystal, stipulates wisdom and creativity, promotes mental clarity, calming quality, protects against negativity energy (including psychic attack), encourages release of sorrow and grief, stimulates crown chakra (third eye), opens your perceptions to new ideas, boosts intuition and meditation.


Appearance: yellow in colour

Properties: feel good stone, attracts abundance, wealth & prosperity, encourages mental clarity, improves ability to manifest your desires, helps to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit, can improve happiness and mood swings, encourages decisiveness, alleviates fears and anxieties, crystal cleanser.


Appearance: bright white in colour

Properties: 'liquid light', protects energy, cleanses energy, cleanses and recharges other crystals, improves mental clarity, protects against negative energy (including psychic attack), cleanses aura, can remove energy blockages.

Black Tourmaline

Appearance: black in colour

Properties: grounding, protective, dispels negative energies, helps to purify internal conflicts, promotes a sense of confidence, powerful for meditation and healing, energy purifier.

Lapis Lazuli

Appearance: deep blue in colour

Properties: powerful healer for throat chakra, removing stress, increasing creativity, protects against negativity, encourages repressed emotions to surface so you can overcome them, encourages honesty and compassion, harmonises the heart and mind, expands awareness.

Blue Lace Agate

Appearance: pale blue in colour

Properties: unblocks, activates and heals throat chakra, helps to express your truth, supportive stone, gives off a soft, calming energy (making it useful for anxiety), powerful healing stone, links mind and body.

Green Aventurine

Appearance: green in colour (but you can also get orange, brown, yellow, blue and grey aventurine).

Properties: heart centred life, boosts heart chakra, love, compassion, powerful for emotional healing, success and matters of the heart, finding hope, joy and optimism, release attachments to past events, embrace change, growth and renewal.


Appearance: blue/green in colour.

Properties: efficient healer, protective stone, dispels negative energy, balances and aligns chakras, promotes spiritual connection, calming and can stabilise mood swings, finding wholeness and truth, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance.

Blue Topaz

Appearance: pale blue in colour

Properties: used to soothe, recharge, heal, stimulate and redirect the energies of the body to where they're required most, enhance forgiveness and truth, brings joy, abundance, generosity, good health, promotes honesty and self-realisation.


Appearance: dark red/brown (but you can also get orange, green, brown, pink and black garnet).

Properties: grounding, helps connection to the present moment, balances mind and emotions, considered a lucky stone for love, success and business relationships, boosts self-confidence, protective, soothing and calming energy, useful for manifestation.


Appearance: blue/green in colour

Properties: soothes all chakras, rejuvenating for the heart chakra, enhances communication regarding love, helps to manifest and retain universal love, personal truth, opens and clears throat chakra.

I really hope you find this guide useful and a good stepping stone into your own research of crystals. Remember crystals are totally personal and you will be drawn to some more than others depending on where you are in your life and spiritual journey; trust your intuition.

Love Georgia xx