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Lunch inspo for at work!

The other day I was thinking about how boring lunch can be. Sadly, some people are stuck in the 'school lunch box' vibe and eating the same dull thing for lunch every day! This makes me sad so I wanted to create a blog with some fun, easy and work place friendly lunch ideas. Most of these recipes are plant based because that's how I choose to eat, however, you can of course add meat/dairy products if that's your jam :)

Pita Pockets

Get yourself some wholemeal pita breads and cut them in half, this will make your pita pocket, then just add whatever fillings you like! Currently I am loving hummus, tomato and spinach (like in the pic above) but if you aren't veggie/vegan then you can add other things. Here are some filling combo ideas:

- Hummus, tomato & spinach *VG

- Vegan cheese, hummus & salad * VG

- Quorn chicken/ham, avocado & tomato *V

- Coleslaw, cheese and salad. *V

- Cheese, tomato & salad *V

- Chicken, hummus & tomato.

- Ham, coleslaw & salad.

Pastas & Salads (and pasta salads!)

Boil yourself some pasta (white or wholemeal, whatever your jam is), then add any of the following filings that float your boat!

- Olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, raw red pepper *VG

- Cherry tomatoes, spinach, olive oil *VG

- Feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, olive oil *V

- Tuna, sweetcorn, red onion, mayo, salt, pepper.

- Spaghetti pomodoro *VG (get the recipe here)

- Veggie bolognese *VG (get the recipe here)

Soups & Curries (all microwave friendly)

Soups and curries are a great option to reheat in work (or at home if you work from home!). Just take some chunky bread or a packet of microwave rice and you've got you're lunch! Try these wholesome and delicious combos!

- Butternut squash soup *VG (get the recipe here)

- Spinach and Chickpea Curry *VG/V (get the recipe here)

- Vegetable and split pea soup *VG (get the recipe here)

- Shakshuka *VG (get the recipe here)

Mexican burrito bowl: choose any of the following fillings and add to a packet of microwave rice in a bowl!

- Bean chilli

- Quorn mince

- Beef mince

- Chicken

- Fresh tomatoes

- Sweetcorn

- Red pepper

- Avocado/homemade guacamole (so easy to make, just mash up an avocado and add salt, pepper and chilli flakes!)

- Plain yoghurt/soy yoghurt

- Cheese/vegan cheese

- Anything else you fancy!

DIY Pot Noodle: place all the ingredients in a jar/tupperware container, add boiling water at work, stir, leave for 5 mins and then enjoy! Mix and match the ingredients to find a combo you like:

- Rice noodles/Egg noodles/Udon noodles (make sure they are 'straight to wok' or pre cooked)

- Stock cube (vegetable/chicken/beef)

- Grated carrot

- Mushrooms

- Cooked chicken

- Shredded gammon

- Edamame beans

- Hard boiled egg

- Tofu

- Pre-cooked broccoli

- Beansprouts

- Thinly sliced courgette

- Spinach

- Peas

- Sweetcorn

- Kimichi

Flavour ideas:

- Miso paste

- Soy sauce/tamari

- Apple cider vinegar

- Maple syrup/honey

- Teriyaki sauce

- Sesame oil

- Coconut oil

- Chilli sauce

I hope these recipe ideas give you some inspiration for your work lunches and I hope you enjoy them! Share with someone that is bored of the same old sandwich and a packet of crisps combo!

Love Georgia xx