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My Favourite Leg Day Exercises

Everyone loves a good leg day right? Stereotypical or not, it really is my favourite part to train so I thought I would share some of my go to leg day exercises!

1). Glute bridges - these are probably my all time fave exercise because they really focus specifically on the glutes without burning too much in the quads or hamstrings. Grab a weight plate and hold it on your hips/tummy to make these more challenging (I usually opt for 10kg) and then go for 30 seconds up and down, hold up for 30 seconds and then pulse the hips up high for 30 seconds. Try 3-4 rounds of this and you will feel the burn I promise! Hip thrusts are also amazing but personally I just don't get on with the bar over my hip bones!

2). Anything with resistance bands! So side lying hip abduction, side lying crab, side lying leg circles, glute bridges, double hip abduction, double hip adduction, band walks, monster walks, the options are literally endless! Just whack a resistance band around your thighs, just above the knees and let the burning commence!

3). Deadlifts - If you saw my previous blog 'Why I Love Deadlifts' you will already know why this exercise is so awesome, but to be honest it is just one of my favourite exercises that not only targets my gluten but also lower back and hamstrings.

4). Leg Press - I'm not a massive fan of barbell squats (I have a dodgy back, so it's not the best for me) so leg press is a great alternative. I like to think of the leg press as a barbell squat, just sat down. It allows me to lift some heavy weight without compromising my back injury, which for me is perfect. I think once people really get into their training, they tend to dismiss resistance machines and view them as inferior. However, I still think machine have a valid place in workouts so not only encourage my clients to use them but use them in my own workouts.

5). Sumo squats - If you haven't heard of a sumo squat before, literally think of a sumo wrestler. It's basically a normal squat but your feet are wider and the feet are slightly angled out. These squats work your inner thighs a little more which I really like and will often perform these as canyon squats to get extra depth in the squat (a canyon squat is where you perform the squat with each foot on a step so there is a gap or 'canyon' between the legs. This creates extra space between you and the floor which allows you to go lower in the squat, particularly useful if you're holding a weight).

6). Anything with pulses. My clients roll their eyes when I get them to do pulses, not because they hate them, but because they know how much they burn! Squat pulses, glute bridge pulses, sumo squat pulses, lunge pulses etc. The reason it burns so much is because it doesn't allow the muscles being worked to have as much of a rest. Great to add into circuits or as finishers at the end of your leg day!

What are your favourite leg day exercises?

Give some of these exercises a go and let me know how you get on!

Love Georgia x