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Why I Love Deadlifts!

Deadlifts are probably one of my favourite exercises when it comes to working out because they work a bit of everything and even work up a sweat! Here’s some of the reasons I love a good deadlift: 🍑 Great for working the posterior chain (lower back, glutes and hamstrings). This is super important as it promotes good posture and a strong core which will reduce your risk of injuring your back!

🍑They make me feel strong. I always feel super empowered when I do deadlifts. Especially if I have an epic playlist going.

🍑They work grip strength. Strengthening the forearm muscles which is important for lots of other weight training exercises in the gym (and carrying all the shopping bags from the car to the house, in one go).

🍑It’s super efficient because like I said it works several different muscles rather than just isolating one single muscle.

🍑They get the heart rate up! Not the same as if you were doing intensive cardio but you will definitely get a sweat on, trust me!

🍑They’re good for the booty! Need I say more??

🍑Another super important benefit to mention, which goes for all weight training in general, is that it increases bone density which basically means you are less at risk of osteoporosis when older! This is especially important for us ladies, as we are more prone to osteoporosis as we age than men are. I know this lift can be a bit intimidating because there is so much to focus on to get the technique right, so if you are new to deadlifts I would always advise getting someone (i.e. a PT/trainer) to teach you the correct form and coach you through the process of this lift. And even if you are familiar and confident with deadlifts it’s useful to get a PT/trainer to watch your form to improve your lift which will benefit you in the long run. Filming yourself is also a great way to check form and you can also show your PT and get their feedback (please feel free to send me videos regarding form via my Instagram if you aren't sure!) Seriously ladies, please NEVER be afraid to ask for help because if you aren’t using the correct technique then it can easily go wrong (trust me I’ve seen all kinds of funky things going on with deadlifts). And finally, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Start with a low weight you feel comfortable with until you get the technique, and then increase the weight once you feel stronger and more confident.

I would love to know if you enjoy this style of blog, so any comment or feedback or very welcome! Happy deadlifting!

Love Georgia xx