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8 Questions To Keep You Accountable


Whether it's your job, your fitness, your side hustle, your personal brand or just life in general, we all thrive from a bit of accountability. I know that I personally, am more productive and successful (whatever that means) when I hold myself accountable. Sometimes that is writing down tasks I need to complete that week and crossing them out once done, publicly telling people what I plan to do (this is a really good one) or planning a walk or gym date with a friend so I can't make excuses. Accountability is key. So I have created this accountability blog for you all (and myself!) when I need a bit of motivation and a push! Very different to my usual blog but I hope this helps you keep promises to yourself.


1. How did last week go on a scale of 1-10 (10 being amazing!)?

Things to think about: Was it a tough week? Did you struggle? Was it amazing? Did it leave you feeling empowered and awesome?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

2. What was your biggest priority last week?

Things to think about: What did you focus on? What did you put above everything else? What was most important to get done?

3. Did you accomplish it? And if not, why?

Things to think about: Did you successfully complete your main focus for last week? If you did accomplish it how did you feel? If you didn't why not?

4. What did you learn last week?

Things to think about: Remember you learn more from your mistakes than your success' so it's not 'win or lose', it's 'win or LEARN'.

5. What was your biggest highlight last week?

Things to think about: Was is a work project? A new personal best at the gym? A mindset breakthrough? Try to narrow it down to just 1 highlight.

6. What was your biggest obstacle last week?

Things to think about: What did you struggle with most? What was something that threw you off track or made you less productive?

7. What do you need to solve it?

Things to think about: How do you think you could resolve the obstacle you faced? What would you do next time to avoid/tackle it?

8. What are you going to change/focus on this week to make it awesome?

Things to think about: What are you going to do differently this week to make it better than last week? What is your highest priority this week?



Found this blog useful? I would love it if you shared it with a friend or let me know what you thought about it. And would especially love to hear if you start using this question sheet to hold yourself accountable! Thank you so much for reading!

Love Georgia x