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My First Self-Care Workshop

Wow. What can I even say about my first self-care workshop? After having a few days to process the event I can safely say, it was so amazing and I genuinely feel so humbled and grateful that I get to call this 'work'.

A few days ago I hosted my first ever non-fitness related workshop focusing in on women putting themselves first and prioritising their self care. I was so nervous as it was the first event that was out of my comfort zone in that it wasn't a fitness class. Instead, it was me speaking to a group of women and opening up about my experience with my mental health and how that lead me to becoming so passionate about self care. Although I was super nervous, I loved every second and it was magical.

It was only a small event (I had 4 beautiful women attend) but I wanted to keep it intimate and chilled so I could really connect with each of them. As they all arrived I connected with them instantly and knew it was going to be a great workshop. They opened their goodie bags which they all loved (the excitement on their faces when they were looking through the gifts I got for them made me so happy) and then onto the part I was most nervous about....the talk.

Now, anyone that knows me will realise that I can talk....a lot! But when it comes to talking in front of a group of people I feel less confident and exposed. However, this group of women made me feel so comfortable and safe that I was able to share what I had to offer with them and not feel panicky at all. It also made it a lot easier that I was talking about something I was so passionate about.

We then moved onto the main part of the event, the yoga inspired stretch. This was more in my comfort zone so I felt at ease and confident through this segment. Stretching has always been such a bit part of my life growing up and training initially as a dancer. So this is another passion that I love sharing with others.

We finished with a full body relaxation and body scan/meditation led by me which I loved teaching so much! This is something I had never done for a group before but after being introduced to meditation at the end of last year and finding so much benefit from it, I loved sharing this new passion with the girls. Meditation, mindful breathing and mindfulness is something I wish I had started practicing sooner which is why I was so excited to introduce some of these awesome women to it for the first time. I know it sounds dramatic but meditation really has changed my life and I would encourage everyone to at least be open minded enough to try it. There are so many apps these days that you can use to guide you (I use an app called Calm which I would recommend) so it has never been easier to open yourself up to this world of meditation.

And of course we finished with homemade vegan banana muffins because it wouldn't be my event if there wasn't snacks! And let me tell you they went down a treat! I will share the recipe in a separate blog post.

All in all the workshop was a success and the fact that it manifested from something I dreamed up a few months ago really blows me away. I am so grateful to each goddess that came and chose to spend their Saturday morning with me. I am extremely lucky I can call this my job and so humbled and honoured I can create a space for women to put themselves first and deepen their connection with themselves.

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Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at my next event!

Love Georgia xx