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13 Hour Transformation!


Okay so this blog is about the dreaded 'b word'... BLOATING! So in the picture above, on the left is me at 8am one morning after my warm lemon water and fat burner walk but before brekkie. On the right is 9pm the SAME EVENING after a day of eating. As you can see my body looks completely different!

Girls this is TOTALLY NORMAL. I bloat extremely easily (like seriously even water can bloat me out like a balloon) but do I let it bother me? Does it make me self conscious? Absolutely not! In fact I actually use my bloating magic as a party trick lean to pregnant in 0.5 seconds.😂

Sometimes when I bloat from eating too much it is uncomfortable of course but that tends to be my own fault for overindulging. However, for me it is perfectly natural and normal for me to look and feel a bit more 'podgy' after a full day of eating. Sometimes straight after a meal I will bloat out (usually because I get too excited and eat too quickly). But I never let this affect my body positivity. I never let this bring me down or make me feel bad about myself because I know this doesn't make me fat or unhealthy. It doesn't make me a worse person. It doesn't ruin all my hard work in the gym. It doesn't ruin all my efforts with healthy habits. It just makes me human because when we put food in our tummies it's pretty natural for it to expand a little! ☺️ So I hope you girls feel a little more 'normal' now, knowing that you are not alone when it comes to bloating, as I am sure a lot of you can relate!

Love your body no matter what 😘

Love Georgia xx