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10 Journal Prompts for Confidence

Journaling has been such a powerful tool for me on my own journey to confidence, self-discovery and self-worth and it's something I share with all my clients.

Whether you have tried journaling before or not, whether you love it or hate it, I promise you will get some juicy wisdom from yourself using these prompts.

So grab your journal and dive in!

  1. What makes me happy?

  2. What is important to me?

  3. What does confidence look like to me?

  4. Who do I admire that is confident? What is it about them?

  5. Imagine yourself at peak confidence - describe her!

  6. When do I feel confident in my current life?

  7. Who do I feel confident around and who don't I feel confident around? Why do I think that is?

  8. If I was confident what would I do differently that I'm not currently doing?

  9. What is one small thing I can do today to get out of my comfort zone? (then go and do it!)

  10. Am I afraid of others judging me if I were more confident? Why?

You can use these prompts however feels good for you. You can write them in your journal and answer with bullet points or write our your thoughts in long hand. Maybe you want to talk it through with your coach or a friend and see if they have any other insights for you.

However you decide to approach these questions I really want you to give yourself time to answer them. Try not to rush through and just 'get them done'. Really allow yourself time to dig into each prompt and get real with yourself. Use these prompts to support you in building your confidence and always feel free to refer back to them at anytime.

Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this mini journaling session. If you have any feedback then connect with me on Instagram or via email - I always love hearing from you!

Love Georgia x

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