Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions


During these 45 minute sessions I will support you through whatever you need right now.

Whether you need advice, positivity, company or just a little vent, I'm here for you.

These coaching sessions are designed to be accessible for those that want to sit down with cuppa and experience some light coaching that will help you relax, gain some perspective and receive guidance during this time. 

£45 per session or 
£150 for 4 sessions (please email to book 4 sessions)


For more information please email


Once you have booked please email to schedule your session in.


All sessions are held via Zoom.

Limited availability.


Soul Sessions are for you if you;
- Are feeling overwhelmed with the lockdown news.

- Didn't cope well last time and want some extra support this time.

- Want support managing your mental health during this lockdown.

- Want to try coaching at a ridiculously discounted rate.
- Want to use this time to work on yourself and mindset.

- Will be on your own for 4 weeks and struggled with loneliness last lockdown.