Reignite: 8 Week Body, Mind & Soul Transformation Guide

Reignite: 8 Week Body, Mind & Soul Transformation Guide


Want a more active, healthier lifestyle but don't know where to start? Lost your motivation to workout? Let me help you kickstart your journey and reignite your passion for fitness. 

Reignite is an 8-week guide to kickstart your fitness journey, help you build healthy habits and get into a routine. However, this is not just a workout guide. I wanted to create a programme that embodies everything I believe in and teach my clients, so it focuses on body, mind and soul.

This 63-page eBook is a digital download jam-packed with workouts, soul tasks, scheduled recovery days and top tips that can be integrated into your life in a flexible and maintainable way.

Are you ready to reignite?


What does Reignite include?

  • 3-5 workouts per week.

  • 3 different types of workouts that each have different rationale (sweat & shred, tighten & tone and full body blitz)

  • Written description and video demonstrations of every single exercise including regressions and progressions so you know exactly how to perform each exercise safely.

  • Guided warm up and cool down, each with a video to follow.

  • 2 bonus workouts.

  • Access to a private facebook forum 'Reignite' where you can connect and share your journey with other like-minded women that want to be their best selves, love their bodies and feel fulfilled.

  • Scheduled rest days.

  • Soul tasks to work on your emotional fitness and build self-awareness and your connection to self.

  • A guided mindful breathing video to help relieve stress and calm your mind.

  • A deliciously long, yoga inspired stretch video.

  • You will learn how to rediscover your 'why' and use this to motivate you.

  • Understand 'gym jargon'.

  • Daily nutrition/mindset/knowledge/active top tips to help you on your journey.


Is Reignite suitable for me?

This programme is very flexible and suitable for anyone as it is completely bodyweight focused with no equipment necessary. So whether you are brand new to exercise and just need some direction and guidance or perhaps want to reignite your passion for fitness and mix things up, you are going to love this guide.