Power Hours

Power Hours

£400.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price

Power Hours are more of a deep dive than Soul Sessions. Think of it as a mini 1:1 coaching package with me.

If you want more of my personal energy, wisdom and support then Power Hours is perfect for you. 

This plan involves two 60 minute support coaching calls to help you set boundaries, manage your mental health and begin to challenge the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself.

PLUS you'll receive a recorded meditation that you can keep to help you manage overthinking during lockdown. AND you'll have access to me (and my cheerleader energy) for 4 whole weeks.

Investment: £200


Power Hours are for you if you;

- Are feeling overwhelmed with the lockdown news.

- Didn't cope well last time and want some extra support this time.

- Want support managing your mental health during this lockdown.

- Want to try coaching at a ridiculously discounted rate.
- Want to use this time to work on yourself and mindset.

- Will be on your own for 4 weeks and struggled with loneliness last lockdown.