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personal training.

Before we start, I just want to remind you that you are already enough and you deserve to love yourself and the body you are in. 

Are you sick of diets, endless hours of cardio and scary trainers judging you? Don't worry, we do things differently round here.

weight neutral training.

I am a weight neutral trainer. This means I don't like to focus on numbers, so you won't have the added pressure of 'weighing in' for our sessions or taking body measurements. My reason behind this is because it is what feels most authentic to me and aligns with what I advocate (self-love and body confidence). Also, in my experience over the years, focusing purely on the numbers tends to have a negative effect on women's mindset and can make us feel bad about our progress, even when we're doing amazing!

I want you to feel empowered and healthy, not restricted and miserable. I prefer to focus on the positive progress you are making with your mindset, your healthy habits and in the gym. I want you feel strong, healthy, happy and ultimately, I want you to feel confident and love the skin you are in and that goes much deeper than how you look and what you weigh.

Here are just some of the reasons to move your body that doesn't include losing weight;

  • supporting your mental health

  • finding a new hobby you enjoy

  • feeling stronger & fitter

  • improving gym knowledge 

  • building self-awareness within your body

  • reconnecting with your intuition

  • improve bone density to prevent osteoporosis 

  • challenge yourself

  • reduce risk of injury

  • for fun!

ready for a new approach to fitness?

1-2-1 Block Booking

6 hours      |     £160

1-2-1 Block Booking

8 hours      |     £210

1-2-1 Block Booking

12 hours      |     £310

Pay As You Go

*new clients only*

1 hour     |      £28

To book or to make an inquiry, just drop me an email.