Georgia's Approach

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As a Personal Trainer

I am a weight neutral trainer. This means I don't like to focus on numbers, so you won't have the added pressure of 'weighing in' for our sessions or taking body measurements. The reason I have decided to be a weight neutral trainer is because it is what feels most authentic to me and aligns with what I advocate (self-love and body confidence). Also, in my experience over the years focusing purely on the numbers tends to have a negative effect on women's mindset and can make us feel bad about our progress, even when we're doing amazing! So I'm getting rid of the sad step because I want you to feel empowered and healthy, not restricted and miserable. Instead, I prefer to focus on the positive progress you are making with your mindset, your healthy habits and in the gym. I want you feel strong, healthy, happy and ultimately I want you to feel confident and love the skin you are in. To find out more about personal training click here.

I'm not you're average personal trainer...I encourage you to work in more than you work out.


In the gym

My main goal when it comes to training clients is I want them to enjoy it! Believe it or not exercising can actually be fun and something you look forward to, and I am proud to say that I have achieved this with so many of my clients. I believe variety is the spice of life and think it's so important to mix it up. I train all my clients differently depending on what they enjoy doing because I truly believe there is no point making you do exercise you hate. I want to create fun sessions that are sustainable and interesting rather than a rigid and repetitive programme that gets boring after a week. To find out more about online coaching, click here.

As a Life Coach

"You can't change your life if you don't change your thinking". Mindset will have a huge impact on your journey and in turn your life which is why the exercise is actually the easy bit. The hard part is shifting your mindset and reprogramming your thoughts. You may have been telling yourself your whole life that 'you aren't good enough' or 'you're too stupid' or 'you're not worthy' or whatever untrue story you've created in your head (and let me get one thing straight right now, it is all untrue and you matter). But now for whatever reason you have stumbled across my website and you are ready to change. You know deep down that you deserve more. You want to step into the woman you were born to be and unleash your confidence. You matter, babe. It's going to be tough, you might want to give up but together we are going to change the way you think about yourself and release your inner Beyonce, because you truly, 100%, totally and completely deserve this. To find out more about life coaching click here. 

Learning how to live your truth and be your most your most sassy, fabulous and healthy self is an ongoing lesson.


With balance

I believe balance is a crucial element for a healthy and fulfilled life.

This journey to self-love, body confidence and optimal health is not easy. It's not a fad, it's not a diet, it's not something that only lasts for 4 weeks, it's not a quick fix or a short cut. It's a way of life and as we all know life is full of ups and downs, so remember not everyday is going to be all sunshine and butterflies and sometimes you need a little rain to make a rainbow.


Learning how to balance everything in your life to live your truth and be your most sassy, fabulous and healthy self is an ongoing lesson. It's not easy and it will take time and effort but I will teach you how to adopt healthy habits that are realistic, sustainable and flexible. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not restricted by worrying about silly diets or working out. Being too strict with yourself 100% of the time won't give you the balanced healthy and happy lifestyle you're looking for and it won't make you feel like the powerful goddess you are. 

With nutrition

There is so much conflicting information out there about what food you should eat, when you should eat it, how you should workout, which exercises are 'best' and I totally understand how confusing this can be! It's honestly a minefield, so it's not your fault that you're confused. I've done my fair share of faddy diets and ridiculous 'teatoxes' (eye-rolling as I write this), so please believe me when I tell you, they do not work and they will not make you happy. In fact, 90% of diets fail and those people end up putting back on the weight they were trying to lose in the first place. Not to mention there are a lot of risks associated with restrictive dieting that your favourite 'fitspo' probably isnt telling you about. The information is out there on the internet, free for you to read. So why are so many people pushing calorie counting and these crazy diets? Because it makes them money. Simple as that.


I won't tell you what to eat because nutrition is so incredibly individual and no two people will require the exact same nutrients. I don't believe in restriction or cutting out food groups for aesthetic goals. Food is magical and I want you to see it as something you use to nourish your body and enjoy, not something you restrict and is on your mind 24/7. I advocate complete food freedom and believe no single food is inherently 'good' or 'bad'. Personally, I eat intuitively and listen to my body because that is how humans are made to eat. My aim is to help you escape diet culture and be more relaxed around food because there is way more to life than counting calories and reading the back of labels.

Disclaimer: What most personal trainers will not admit is that we are not nutritionists or dieticians, therefore it is my ethical duty to stay within the realms of my practice and not provide specific nutritional advice. You will however find lots of yummy recipes on my blog and social media.