Body Confidence

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Body confidence is accepting every part of you, being proud of your body and realising just how magical you are.

What is body confidence?

Ladies, I totally understand that you may not feel confident in your body right now. You may even find the thought of feeling confident in your body overwhelming because it just seems so far off. But let me tell you something, you deserve to feel confident in the skin you're in. And you deserve to believe your body is beautiful...because it is! 

Body confidence is being proud of your body. All of her. It is loving her, owning every part of her and being completely at peace with her. Appreciating how incredible she is and all the amazing things she allows you to do every single day. 

I'm not saying you have to love every part of your body, I'm just encouraging you to accept it. You don't have to be a certain size or shape to feel confident in your body. I believe true body confidence actually comes from within. I believe it is being confident in who you are as a person and as a result that confidence just shines through to every aspect of your life, including your body.

Your body is magical.
She enables you to breathe.
She can grow a human.
She is fierce and powerful.
She lets you smile and laugh.
She allows you to move and dance.
She helps you experience life!
Stop being horrible to her. Stop wishing she was something else.
Stop tearing her down and trying to burn her to the ground. 
And instead start treating yourself and your body like you would your best friend. 
With love, respect and kindness. 
Work with your body, not against it.