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I’m so happy you’re here!


If you want to rediscover your confidence and put yourself first, you’re in the right place. I don't believe in coincidences, so you stumbling across my website is meant to be!

Here at Georgia Holliday Coaching, we're all about helping women to become a version of themselves that brings them the most fulfilment and happiness.  

That means rediscovering yourself and coming home to who you were born to be. You are not broken and you don't need to be fixed. You just need reminding of your power; mind, body and soul. And that's where I come in!


Hey, I’m Georgia!

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, podcast host, UK retreat and Women’s Circle facilitator and most importantly your biggest cheerleader, dedicated to helping you drop the people pleasing and put yourself first so you can live an authentic life and feel confident and free.


To help you rediscover your worth and awaken your confidence

Georgia Holliday Coaching

In this podcast we talk about everything relating back tot he self, AKA you. I truly believe the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself which is why I am so passionate about helping women just like you, rediscover who they really are. 

In these episodes I discuss everything from self-care to spirituality, meditation to mindset and comparison to confidence. 

If you want to dip your toe in the personal development water then this is the perfect place for you to start. 

Georgia Holliday Coaching


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Georgia Holliday Coaching



A year before working with Georgia, I finally broke the chains of a traumatising relationship, but I had already lost sight of myself. I was disgusted with myself and had zero faith in what I could achieve. I fell back into an unhealthy relationship with food and lived in a constant state of 'I hate everything'.


So 3 months ago I hired Georgia and went through her life changing programme. Georgia helped me dig my way out of a bottomless hole. I still have so much work to do but I can finally feel the bright light at the top of the tunnel. It's a warm welcome home to loving all my imperfections and releasing what doesn't serve me.


Life coaching with Georgia has literally changed my life! I have been in a low place in the past but thanks to Georgia's coaching, I now have the tools and techniques I need to take control of my own life. I'm building confidence week on week & feel positive about myself & future, which I never thought was possible.  Georgia is so knowledgable, clearly passionate about her work and devoted to helping others. She is friendly, approachable and there is no judgement. The coaching is s completely safe space and Georgia will make you feel at ease and supported throughout. The coaching calls are invaluable and Georgia is always happy to help in between calls whenever I need it. Her voice notes & messages keep me on track and always give me a boost! If you're thinking about signing up with Georgia - DO IT! Your life will change for the better and you'll never look back.


Coaching with Georgia has been truly inspiring & insightful. For the first time, I have began to have more self-love & respect for myself as a whole from my past, present and future. It has given me the confidence to look at the many aspects that make up me! I am excited to continue utilising the skills and knowledge that Georgia has given me. 


Georgia has been inspirational and has been made me feel safe and comfortable to openly discuss difficult topics. Looking at these things isn’t easy but from the support I’ve had from Georgia it’s began to reap the rewards! I would highly recommend Georgia to anyone !

Georgia Holliday Personal Training


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